Alexander Diestra, Clarklewis (PDX)


Chef Alexander Diestra came to Portland, Oregon from Peru at the young age of 19. In a new country, Alex was inspired with new aspirations to become a chef. After attending Northwest Culinary School, he began his career as a line cook at El Matador. Having been an executive chef for over 10 years now, Alex runs the farm-to-table Italian inspired kitchen at The Clarklewis restaurant in the industrial district in Portland. Although he creates new Italian dishes every single day, he sticks to his roots with his specialties which include adobo ribs and other South American and Asian inspired dishes (the latter stems from being the executive chef at Saucebox for 7 years). Constantly looking for new inspiration in every corner he can find, Chef Alex explores every Saturday market and food festival he can get his hands around. He extends his gratitude to be here in Seattle for this networking opportunity.


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