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Asadero Ballard

Asadero started as a food stand in Kent in 2014 and was forced to close down after the venue it was housed in closed abruptly. But Asadero’s popularity would not let it die. Chef/Owner David Orozco soon found a brick and mortar space in Kent, Washington which continues to grow in popularity enticing customers far and wide. People are raving about the steaks served at Asadero as well as the now famous Carne Asada in both locations.

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Cépaé Tasting Room & La Parisienne French Bakery

The concept behind Cépaé is to convey these emotions to you directly, bypassing the traditional layers of middlemen, to represent winemakers directly; for the most part, small winemakers who would not have dreamt of even reaching the US shores. This, combined with bringing you simply the best traditional French pastries in the area from La Parisienne, made by hand each day and not mass-produced, combine to give our customers an authentic slice of French culture and in the heart of Bellevue.

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