America's Largest Festival of Beef



We are excited to have you participate in the inaugural weekend of festivities! Outlined below are a list of deadlines and partner requirements, products/ingredients offered, and marketing assets to share with customers and employees. 

Product orders

In addition to all beef provided by our beef partners, Cowabunga partners are excited to connect with our chefs and provide additional ingredients and products to incorporate into featured dishes - you can find a list of products available here.

What to bring:

Festival Management will provide booth furniture, signage, service ware, hand-washing stations, and attempt to accommodate special requests. Detailed information on items offered and available to chefs are included in the below form.

Restaurants will be asked to come prepared with the following:

  • 2 oz samples (including any toothpicks or other garnishes) for all guests 

  • Staff for cooking and assembling samples

  • Cooking equipment (pots, pans, spatulas, grill brushes, etc.) Large Cooking Equipment, i.e., grills, convection ovens, fryers, etc. will be provided by Event Management—cooking equipment requests can be submitted through the form below.

  • Thermometers to make sure all food items are kept at safe-handling temperatures throughout the ENTIRE event.

Chef Requests:

Cowabunga Event Management will provide on-site table cards and booth banners featuring chef name, restaurant name, and dish description. The information submitted in this form will be used for booth signage, program listing, and attendee passport. To manage guest consumption, attendees will receive a punch card listing all samples offered at the event. Partners will mark off guest punch card with each sample given. Markers for checking off guest card will be provided by event management.
Chef Name
Chef Name
Please provide a brief description of featured dish you will be serving at Cowabunga - to note this will be used for on-site table card, event program, and competition ballot (if applicable)
Service Items *
Each partner booth will be set with the following items upon arrival: (2) 8' Tables with linens (1) 4' Table set between chefs with hand washing station, paper towels, and bleach bucket (1) Trash can Grey water & cooking oil reciprocals will be on-site for disposal. Sample serving plates/bowls, napkins, and utensils will be provided by event management. Please select preferred serving items for your dish. If you plan to bring your own service ware, they must be compostable or recyclable. If, for any reason, you plan to give food or goods away in bags, it is important that we adhere to the city’s ban on plastic bags.
Cooking Equipment & Booth Requests
Provided by festival management. Please select the equipment you need for on-site cooking and storage. *Please plan to bring everything you need to keep your bites at a safe temperature *without* the use of refrigeration (i.e. bring in keep-it-cool bags or coolers) as refrigeration and freezer space on-site is LIMITED. *Grey water and cooking oil disposals will be provided by festival management. IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT REQUESTS OR STORAGE NEEDS, EMAIL AAUSTIN@SEATTLEMET.COM FOR ASSISTANCE.
Please enter name (First & Last) for all event staff working at the event. Please Note: All chefs and service staff MUST have a valid King County Food Handler Card and have it on them at the event. Please send copies of all staff’s cards/permits. If you need additional on-site staff support, Culinary students are available to assist with prep and service. Please note number of culinary students you will need below and we will follow up with student names and confirmation.
Please let us know if you’d like to donate an item for the raffle! 100% of ticket sales will go directly to FareStart. We greatly appreciate any donations you would like to contribute. Please note, no alcohol donations are accepted.